Dear Diary – June, Do You Care What You Weigh, and a Salter Scales Giveaway


Start Weight: 11st 6 lb

Weight Now: ??

Total loss: 12lb

Waist: 29.5″

Miles Run: 18.2

Average Distance per run: 1.7 miles

Normally I start each month with a reflection on how the previous month went, but as last month was Juneathon I’ve done an awful lot of reflecting on a daily basis. However, here is my running graph from Nike+, spot the point at which I got injured (the first 2 gaps were my first week at Roller Derby and a swim session)!



I actually don’t know what I weigh at the start of July, as I haven’t weighed myself in a week or so as I just forgot! Despite the injury I got, and how scared it made me, June has actually been a great month for me exercise wise. I’ve discovered a couple of great new things I enjoy doing and I feel pretty motivated going into July, so I don’t feel like I necessarily care what I weigh.

People have told me before not to obsess about the scales, and truth be told I actually don’t. I weigh more than I have done in the past when my measurements have been similar, and that’s probably down to the higher percentage of muscle I have as I do more exercise now. I track my measurements more than I do my weight, but that’s not to say they’re any more accurate a measure necessarily. Last week I had a big dinner that made me feel bloated, measured my waist and it had gone up by 2.5″ since that morning!

On a micro level I do think that measuring your weight is a tremendously helpful thing to do. My lifestyle and the world I live in mean that I really can’t prepare my own meals everyday, “eat clean”, or sometimes control the food that is available to me at all without a level of planning I totally don’t intend to devote to eating, because, you know, I’ve got STUFF TO DO! I also like to eat junk occasionally, yep, that’s right, I like Dominos pizza, doughnuts and burgers on occasion, so sue me for being the worst fitness and health blog writer in the world.

Weighing myself each week gives me an indication of when I’ve overdone it and need to reign myself back in, or plan a little more. It doesn’t matter if I weigh more now than I did 2 years ago, if my clothes still fit and I’ve upped the exercise then that might be muscle, but if I weigh significantly more now than I did last Friday it’s unlikely to be the weight lifting that’s caused it (unless, of course, I’ve forgotten to put them down before I get on the scales)

So I will continue to track my weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s a metric that I give any more value to than my measurements, how my clothes fit, or what I see in the mirror or in photos.

And on that note! Very Beachwear have kindly offered a set of Salter Coloured Glass Scales worth £27 for me to giveaway to a reader. That’ll help you keep track of your weight, just remember it’s not the be all and all!


They’re very chic and slimline, and you can have your choice of pink or green. To enter you just need to be a follower of Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra. You can follow on Twitter, Facebook or Bloglovin’, or all 3 for bonus entries, plus you can get an extra entry for tweeting about the competition. To enter just fill in your details in the rafflecopter widget below.

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7 Responses
  • Mary
    July 1, 2013

    I used to be obsessed with the scale. Now I know when I’m carrying more weight than I should be or I’m not happy with my body. I think it’s all about getting used to your body and what makes it happy. I do still track my weight as it’s the easiest way of keeping a record of myself, but I don’t pay as much attention to the figures as I used to anymore.

  • Jenifer
    July 2, 2013

    I used to weigh myself once a week – just to keep on track but I try to not to be obsessive with it! Water retention etc can affect our weight, and it may look like we’ve gained when we haven’t which can be pretty disheartening! I notice I tend to weigh more after I’ve been to the gym too!

    Jen xx

  • andrea lloyd
    July 4, 2013

    using scales weekly helps me keep track of my weight

  • Susan Seaman
    July 6, 2013

    fab giveaway, ive managed to lose 4 stones, but have to go to boots to get weighed its part of my motivation, a weekly trip but having these in the bathroom would make life a bit easier

  • Claire bodin
    July 6, 2013

    Really could do with scales don’t have any

  • Sinead
    July 7, 2013

    I couldn’t care less about what I weigh – I don’t even own a pair of scales, because, like you, I think measurements and muscle are more important!

  • Patrick (@patbrry)
    July 25, 2013

    I kind like the scales – my reading on them fluctuates so much that it’s a nice reminder to concentrate on wether clothes fit 🙂