Cute Summer Sports Wear


Even back when I started running in 2012 it was weirdly hard to buy interesting sports kit. There were specialist retailers like Sweaty Betty, and Nike sometimes had some colourful and quirky choices, but when you hit the High Street sports wear for Women was all black and grey, and occasionally pink.

These days everyone’s in on the act, with lots of High Street stores releasing interesting sports wear that not only looks good, but also is possible to do actual sports in.

Most recently House of Fraser introduced me to Lorna Jane sportwear, they gave me a budget, which I put towards this very, very awesome top.

IMG_6563I’ve obviously only tried the one top, so can’t really give an overview of the range, but I’ve worn it to run, play Roller Derby, and for weights at the gym and I love it, the mesh is perfect for a bit of a breeze!

Problem is, I now have my eye on more bits from the range for super cute Summer sports kit, which could be an issue, as they’re not cheap. Prices are roughly equivalent to high end specialist sports kit from Nike, Sweaty Betty or similar, but if I’m going to invest, I want my prints to be worth it!

Here are few other favourites I’ve got my eye on. All of them can be found here at House of Fraser.



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