Better known as Retro Chick I’m a vintage lifestyle blogger, writer, events organiser, whisky drinker, and any number of other things that occasionally take my fancy.

For most of my adult life I’ve been a sporadic exerciser at best, occasionally joining a gym, or a bit of wii fit was the most I did, then, in my 30s, I took up running and Roller Derby and I’ve never looked back.

In November 2013 I completed my first Half Marathon, and I play Roller Derby as Gem Warfare #79 with The Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby League.

I started Lipstick, Lettuce and Lycra because I wanted somewhere I could talk about diets, the trials and tribulations of eating healthily when you’re travelling, running, exercise, Roller Derby, sportswear and how much alcohol you can put in a smoothie before it stops being a health food. It’s part diary, part place for me to share tips, reviews and other healthy diet and exercise type stuff that takes my fancy.

I’ll never be one of those tiny, skinny girls with swingy pony tails who think plain oats and water is a tasty breakfast. I like to eat, I like to drink, but I’d also like to be a bit more healthy. I’ve tried diets from Weight Watchers to Atkins and lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of weight.

Mostly I regret all those years I thought didn’t want to do anything sporty because I was self concious about not being good enough, being too fat, or not having the right gear.

Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra

Learning to love exercise doesn’t have to mean pushing yourself so hard you’re sick, and healthy eating doesn’t have to mean lettuce for breakfast.

Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra is about moderation in all things.

You don’t have to be sporty to do sport and you can eat healthily and still love food.

It’s about finding an exercise you love, and learning to improve. It’s about knowing it’s ok to want to get fit so you’ll fit into pretty frocks, but knowing that it’s only one of the reasons you do it. It’s about living in a world that makes it easy to eat junk and be lazy and trying to find ways to still do the fun stuff and still feel good about yourself. But mostly it’s about taking tiny steps to make yourself look and feel better.


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