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#Janathon Day Fourteen – The Day I Missed the Snow

Well, that’s week two over! It’s been touch and go at times, but I’ve done at least a mile a day, which is what I […]

Welcome to #janathon

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, it’s been Christmas, and now it’s a whole shiny New Year and one in which I have already committed myself to […]

#janathon Day Two…..

Well. Today was a challenge. A long drive followed by a run in the dark, and the realisation part way there, while the rain hammered […]

#janathon Day Three

It’s already getting hard to squish these in! I am visiting family at the moment as my Nana is in hospital, so today I knew […]

#janathon Day Four (is that all?)

Well, another tricky one with a long drive, in fact, a drive that was 70 miles longer than it needed to be as by not […]

#janathon Day 5

Raaar! Writing this blog as speedily as I had to run! Busy day meant fitting in another 1.2 mile trot around the block. I zoomed […]

#janathon Day 6 – The Hangover

Sigh. Today I had planned to do a 5k. However last night I inadvertantly went out and drank all the beer, so when I woke […]

#Janathon – Week One

Well, that’s a week done, and a weeks worth of excuses overcome. Miles Run: 10.6 miles Average Pace:9’29″/mi Excuses Overcome: 7 I’ve only done 10.6 […]

#janathon Day 8 – Running in the Rain

Oh, it’s not nice weather out there this evening. Normally the kind of cold, clinging, fine rain that would make me put my run off […]

#janathon Day 9

I’m trying to pretend I’m learning some valuable lessons here, and maybe I am, but really it just feels like I’m running a mile every […]

#janathon Day 10 – Freezing Rain

Well, we’re a third of the way through. Today I really thought might be the day I cracked and didn’t make it out. Long day, […]

#janathon Day Eleven

Friiiiiddaaaaayyy! Yay! It’s Friday! So what better than a speedy Friday night run in the freezing cold. Long leggings are definitely in order. I got […]