What I very nearly DIDN’T do last night was attend the Bridewell Collectives first event. An evening of vintage hair styling demonstrations by Flamingo Amy in Norwich hair salon Flint followed by some live music in Lady Lucks Boutique.

I’m pretty sure you all know what the weather was like. By the time I’d walked into town, in horizontal driving sleet and snow, wearing utterly inappropriate clothing as I hadn’t had time to change, I not only looked like a drowned rat but also felt a lot like crying.

In the end I decided I WOULD go, a decision that was validated as soon as I saw this:


Why yes please, I would very much like some crisps and fizzy wine to warm me up.

I was the first to arrive and had a quick chat with salon owner Conor O’Brien. Recently returned to Norwich from London, Conor offers hair cuts with a heavy emphasis on technique and attention to detail in the salon, Flint, which opened in September

As more people began to drift in, despite the heavy weather, I caught up with stylist Flamingo Amy to ask a few quick questions. Her hair looked amazing, though I guess that’s a given.  Amy has been styling her own hair for Rock n Roll events for around 6 years, but started her official training at  Ninas Hair Parlour in London in March this year. She now divides her time between Norwich and London offering vintage and retro styling sessions as well as selling a range of hair accessories. She was also wearing open toed shoes and a short sleeved gingham top, making me even more ashamed of myself and my huge scarf….

The demonstrations were split into 2 sessions. In the first session Amy extolled the virtues of hot sticks and Tresemme Freeze Hold hairspray with the help of her model Jade from Lady Lucks Boutique.


She demonstrated the correct way to put the sticks in and gave some tips on making the curls last (hairspray, not washing your hair for at least 24 hours and making sure the rollers are cool before removing) before demonstrating a quick and easy fringe roll.


In the second session Amy showed us how to properly brush out the resulting curls for a wavy vintage look. Long layers in the hair and a horseshoe shaped cut at the back help to give that authentic vintage look.


Lastly Amy demonstrated a couple more fringe rolls including this amazing victory roll fringe, accessorised with one of Amys own flowers.


During the sessions Amy answered questions about the best way to work with different types of hair, techniques and products to use.

Armed with information about the correct back combing technique, wet setting and hot tongs I have come away convinced that even my resolutely straight and fine hair will hold a style if I follow Amys tips.

After the session we popped next door to Lady Lucks Boutique who were kind enough to provide home made mince pies, mulled wine and live music while dissected the tips we’d picked up and browsed their amazing selection of rockabilly handbags.

Sadly I had to leave to go back out into the cold as I don’t think they wanted me sleeping on their sofa. But I’m hoping the success of last nights event will lead the Bridewell collective to hold many more. With many more mince pies and fizzy wine.

Flamingo Amy offers hair styling sessions at Flint and Ninas Hair Parlour. prices start from £35
Call 07951933577 for Flamingo Amy or 01603616117 for Flint to make an appointment.