peep toe shoes Retro Chick has new shoes. I wore them for the first time to a party last Saturday where I received many comments and compliments on my lovely new shoes. They are white fabric peep toe sandals with tiny little black skulls and crossbones all over them, and they are, quite frankly, the best thing I own.

I now find myself desperately trying to think of new places to wear them. Trying to arrange dinner dates and party invites simply as a place to wear my lovely new shoes is probably a little sad, but such is the power of the NEW SHOE.

New shoes can make even the most tired old outfit feel sparkly and new. They change the way you walk and they change the way you feel. Call me shallow but even a shiny new pair of trainers can make me feel “hey, look at me!”.

Shoes will never let you down the way your fabulous new dress will, too much pizza and your shoes won’t get tight and chastise you for being a pig. No one will ever take a photo of you in your new shoes that will make you realise they make your arms look fat. They are the perfect self esteem purchase!