Do you remember the 80s? I was born in 1979, so the 80s was my childhood, so I remember it, but was just that little bit too young to REALLY appreciate it. Nethertheless the recent 80s revival in fashion and music took me a little by surprise. At first it was a bit odd, but now it’s almost a chance to enjoy all the things I was slightly too young for the first time round.

There were two sides to the 80s fashion, the punky side. Think Neon and plastic. Prom dresses and skinny ties, boxy jackets worn over skinny jeans.

Personally I had a fantastic pair of neon green cycling shorts in the 80s, and I did odd neon pink and green socks.

This was, typically of teenage fashion, about exagerating the differences between teenagers and their parents who had grown up during the 60s and 70s, and at times harked back to the 50s with prom dresses and pencil skirts being back in vogue.

Of course on the other side of this was the grown up power dressing yuppie look. This was all about minimising the differences between men and women in the workplace. Women wanted to be appreciated for their ability to do the job and prove they were as good as any man.

Dallas style shoulder pads, nipped in waists and boxy androgynous suits were worn with big power hair and severe make up.

This is a seriously grown up look and means business. I was way too young for this in the 80s, but I remember my Mum wearing a beautiful Berketex monochrome spotted blouse with shoulder pads and a peplum over a black pencil skirt. It also takes a lot of influence from 40s fashion, another era when women were making their mark in the workplace

I haven’t yet taken the plunge into giving the look a try this time round, my fear of looking like I’m wearing my Mums clothes is still too great as 80s fashion reminds me of being a kid.

I have dug my 80s “Stars of Tomorrow” T shirt out of a drawer (I won it in a talent competition, such a child prodigy) and bought myself a pair of jelly shoes. Which have bought back all the childhood traumas of getting stones stuck in the holes in the soles and scraping round with a limp until you get the chance to dig them out.

Maybe I’ll even get a bubble perm and some red lipstick.

Yes, I think the 80s revival is growing on me. I’ve just heard that Starburst are going back to being Opal Fruits, at least temporarily, and if they bring back Marathons it’ll make my day.
Maybe I’ll get my milkman to deliver me some fizzy pop in glass bottles and buy myself some penny sweets, even if they cost 5p each these days.

I might be able to deal with the 80s revival, but if someone tells me they’re bringing back the 1990s fashions I might find it a little harder to deal with. I still can’t look at the photos……