How do you dress for work? I’m guessing you’re a pretty stylish lady or you wouldn’t be bothering to read blogs about fashion and style, unless you’re a relative of mine.

I bet that despite your obvious style and taste that you so often fall back on black trousers and some kind of jersey or knit top when heading off to work, the place you spend most of your time. Of course it’s entirely possible that there is a uniform where you work, or that you work somewhere very formal and have to wear a suit. It is equally possible that I am absolutely wrong and you are one of those women who swans into work in the morning looking like she has just leapt from the pages of Vogue, beautifully accessorized, professional yet stylish. If so, may I add, I hate you.

Most of us are just grateful we can get out of bed and make it to the office in time. I make an effort to accessorize occasionally, adding my chunky bangles, only to discover that it is really not possible to spend all day at a PC wearing the things without going nuts at the noise of them clanking on the desk.

But wouldn’t it be *nice* to go to work feeling stylish, professional and dare I say it, attractive, without spending all day fiddling with buttons and pulling things down?

So today I have trawled the wilds of Internet shopping (and my own stock, natch) and put together 3 vintage workwear outfits that I think are professional, stylish and comfortable.

Show them you mean business by going back to 80s Power Dressing. The dress also has a great 40s vibe with the right accessories

80s power dressing

This navy coat dress is easy to put on in the morning when you can barely see, and looks smart and business like. It costs £14.99 from Retro Chick

Team it with this black bag, funky but comfortable court shoes and these funky black vintage beads from Michelles Vintage Jewellery.

Great for a big meeting day, or when you’re looking for a raise!

Mix and match separates by teaming this 1970s Debenhams check skirt, £9.99, from Retro Chick, with a modern ruched sleeve jumper, £28 from Topshop.

70s seperates

Add interest with colourful venetian glass beads from Forzieri and vintage cream woven leather loafers from Retro Chick.

This is a great preppy look that works every day.

If you’re someone who wants to stand out a little bit more at work, or you want something a bit special for a Friday to go day to evening dinner date then wear this beautiful 1950s Betty Barclay red poodle dress, $265 from Posh Girl Vintage.

50s secretary

Go the whole way and team it with 50s style red court shoes, $24.50 from Wet Seal, this vintage lace panel handbag, £30 from Candy Says and pair of winged diamante glasses $6.99 from Girl Props.

This look certainly won’t get you overlooked and I don’t know about you, but I think it would make my day at work feel more fun…