Getting all dressed up is great fun. I love vintage and retro dresses with fantastic prints or teaming that perfect shirt with a sharp pair of trousers. But sometimes there are days when it’s just all too much effort and all you want to do is sling on jeans and a t shirt. Today I am having one of those days. I would like you to imagine that I am sat at the laptop tapping away elegantly dressed in a 50s summer dress complete with petticoat and heels, but I’m not, in fact I’m still in my pyjamas (at 11am! Nooo!) But when I do get dressed and venture out into the rain I shall be making sure no one knows I can’t be bothered today with the addition of a few old favourite vintage accessories.

A good bag, belt, maybe a scarf, can transform a boring old outfit into something exciting and glamorous. At least to the casual observer.


brown velvet beret
Bad Hair Day? Get a hat! On days when you can’t even pluck up the energy to wash your hair this fantastic 1940s dark brown velvet beret, just £18 from Candy Says will make sure you keep looking stylish!

1960s Handbag

Every girl needs to take their handbag with them, so if you can’t be bothered today, why not grab a statement bag to keep all your essentials together for instant style points. This seriously cute red and blue 1960s handbag is from Damn Good Vintage and costs $40.

Of course, accessories have their place in a well thought out, glamorously put together outfit too, but I can’t be the only one who can’t always be bothered? Or am I!?