Sorry, but I pretty much have nothing on my mind but Christmas at the moment. This is mostly my fault as apart from decorating my house I have done nothing. No presents, no food, nothing. Eeek!

I am one of those people who gets into things like Christmas. I want Christmas mugs, pyjamas, plates. I watch Christmas DVDs and listen to Christmas music.

When I was a kid I used to get so excited about Christmas Day that some years a cup of hot sweet tea was required to stop my shaking, and I guess I still hang onto a bit of that.

My hunt for Christmas pyjamas has unfortunately come up empty handed this year, I found some lovely ones, but they were in the US and unfortunately they don’t ship internationally.

This is largely irrelevant as once breakfast is over I like to glam up a bit on Christmas Day, even though it’ll just be me and Mr Chick, in our house, alone, all day! I tend to glam myself up, and then over the day I lose bits that are uncomfortable.

Tottering around the kitchen in heels isn’t practical, so I go back to my ballet pumps. Then my sequin halter is a bit tight, so I swap it for a jumper, and before I know it I’m in leggings and cardigan.

This year I am determined to mix a bit of Christmas glam with comfort, even if it means going shopping (oh no!) So I’ve been planning potential comfortable Christmas glamour outfits.

A wrap dress is always good, and nicely adjustable for after Christmas lunch. This 50s style one is Jaeger, available from Retro Chick for £29.99. It actually fits me so if no one’s snapped it up by Christmas maybe it’s mine?! Team it with some shiny silver ballet pumps to avoid the teeter factor and I think this is perfect.

Personally I find skirts more comfortable, but if you’re a trousers kind of girl then this gorgeous silk velvet GS byGharani Strok Top is just £9.99. With some wide leg trousers it’s glam but comfy.

Of course, I might just give up glamour as a bad job for Christmas Day and resolve to spend the entire day in my PJs. If could get some really good Christmas ones I just might….