Oh. My. God. It’s very very cold right now.

According to my vista desktop widget it’s nearly lunch time and still only 2 degrees outside. Yesterday it barely made it into positive numbers at all. There’s snow, frost, icy pavements and general chilliness all round.

When the weathers like this I can’t say I feel at my most keen to experiment in the fashion stakes. It’s comfy, chunky knits all the way.

Chunky knits are comfy, and keep you warm, but it’s terribly easy to look like you haven’t changed out of your dressing gown if you’re not careful.

So here’s how to work those comfy knits for work, rest and play without losing in the style stakes.


It’s surprisingly difficult to do chunky knits for work and still look professional and smart. I think they key is to keep the rest of your outfit ultra conservative and steer clear of the more voluminous knits. This knit, bless sale season, is just £10 from New Look. Add a bit of detail, but keep the palette monochrome with this pleated ruffle front blouse (also on sale at £7.50) and black wide leg trousers.


In theory chunky knits in your dress down time is dead easy. But it’s easy for them to look like you just can’t be bothered to make an effort. Wear this chunky knit cardigan from Dorothy Perkins as a coat over jeans (Calvin Klein Jeans, £14.99 from Retro Chick) and toughen it up with a retro print t shirt, studded gloves and biker boots.


When it’s cold it’s quite tempting to just stay home on the sofa with a nice mug of hot cocoa and a pair of flannel PJs. Make partying more tempting by taking your chunky knits with you. Keep them small and slim fitting, like this chunky shrug which is just £9.79 from Peacocks and keep the rest of your outfit ultra glam with sequins and embellishment.