One of the pleasant side effects of writing a fashion blog is that occasionally I get invitations to nice events like my nice afternoon tea with Lulu Guinness at the Met Bar.

Sometimes these things are entirely non fashion related but are conveniently related to some of my other interests, like drinking….

So it happened I got an invitation from the lovely people at Cakegroup who handle brand entertainment for, among others, Magners. I like Magners, and I think that the “over ice” marketing was a sheer stroke of genius. Making cider move magically from the drink of park bench winos and teenagers drinking on their pocket money to a Premium brand drunk by sophisticated grown ups on sunny afternoons.

Now they are attempting to work the same magic on Magners Pear, promoting it as the drink of choice for Fashionistas and slick stylish people the world over (why I got an invite as part of this drive is obviously some kind of hideous mistake, but who am I to complain?).

Part of this promotion is a run of 500 bottles that has been produced for exclusive bar Bungalow 8 and Cake are inviting groups of bloggers to eat, drink and be merry and look at the lovely new bottle. Obviously the idea of buying me outrageously priced cocktails is that I will come home and write a blog about Magners Pear.

Fortunately I actually like Magners Pear so I’m happy to oblige. I didn’t, however, particularly like the Magners Pear cocktail I was served that included grapefruit juice. The cider is nice enough on it’s own people, don’t mess with it.

Bungalow 8 doesn’t allow photographs inside, presumably in case I accidentally catch one of the Celebrities who weren’t there doing something embarrasing, so obviously this photo doesn’t exist


If you’d like to see what the bottle actually looks like then here is a much clearer photo taken by someone who was allowed to take photos and not just being bolshy because stupid bars that think they’re a bit fancy impose silly rules on their clientele.


It was a succesful evening and I am much appreciative to Magners and Cakegroup for giving me the opportunity to meet some lovely fellow bloggers in the flesh, namely Kila from Daily Rubbish, Stevie from Discotheque Confusion, Miggy from Miggy Likes the Internet, Krista from Beauty and the Dirt and Carina from Self Service.

Believe it or not Magners are actually a pretty small company and their production processes and values fit quite nicely into my interests in locally made produce and small scale production. All their Cider is made in the traditional way and filtered rather than pasteurised. And it actually IS Irish Cider (look closely at their ads, they don’t have “Made in Hong Kong in teeny tiny letters at the bottom)

Magners are embracing social media so feel free to follow them on Twitter or Facebook where they are actually interacting with people rather than just endlessly posting links and blatant advertising. Well Done, keep it up!

Also if you’d like to win £50,000 and the opportunity to be a Magners Taste Tester, a position which appears to require no special skills at all other than the ability to drink cider (I’m in!) then be sure to check out Magners Taste Test to enter their competition.

The only down point of the evening was that apparently it takes Bungalow 8 half an hour to realise it has run out of Welsh Rarebit and then a further 45 minutes to prepare a substitute of Tempura Prawns.