I’m developing a bit of an obsession with gorgeous lingerie recently. I wrote about What Katie Did in August and there’s so many other brands I have my eye on that I might even make this a semi regular feature (semi regular = when I’m in the mood…)


Of course you might consider this a virtual wish list as it were as my limited wardrobe funds will no doubt be allocated to items that more than one person will see (and maybe the Doctor, but is it appropriate to wear such sexy pants to the Doctors?).

Should I happen to become a rich girl (lala lala lala lala la) then I will buy it all and, alongside the fantastic jewellery I will also own I’m sure I shall spend my days feeling much more like a lovely girly Princess than I do now.

I have actually fondled/seen/dribbled on the lingerie from Fred & Ginger in the lingerie boudoir at London Fashion Week and it really is as sexy on the hanger as it is on the models.

They’re running 2 very different collections for Spring Summer 2010. My Fair Lady is a gooooorgeous vintage inspired range made from French silk satins and crinkle chiffons with Swarovski pearls. It’s candy coloured, playfully innocent and these gorgeous lookbook shots feel a little bit French and a little bit circusy with the (slightly disturbing) appearance of the Mime.




I’m not sure I’m going to get a smooth line under close fitting clothes with these ruffles, but frankly I don’t care.


On the other side of the coin the Black Label Collection is, well, all black. And very, very sexy. With Chantilly lace trim this collection makes me want to wear it whilst lounging in a candlelit room, on piles of cushions with a glass of champagne and some very, very expensive chocolates to eat. It makes my eyes go all seductively heavy lidded just looking at the pictures (though I probably just look tired, rather than sexy)




As well as being achingly gorgeous all the pieces are manufactured in the UK. Which makes me very happy, as when I can afford £65- £280 *catches breath* I won’t have to feel guilty about air miles and sweat shop labour.

photos by Marc Rogoff www.marcrogoff.com