Well, a couple of weeks ago I went to Paris (in my head) though it seems that UK bloggers Mademoiselle Robot and Vanessa Jackman were among a group whisked off to Paris for real by the lovely Eurostar.

I’m over my Parisian obsession now (unless someone wants to take me for free, obviously) and I thought it was time to look at a few hot picks with a distinctly British flavour.

The Union Jack flag gets a bad deal, being associated with some of the most unpleasant parts of British culture like the BNP and football hooliganism, so it’s about time we reclaimed it by turning it into lovely bags, T shirts and dresses, without a hint of 1990s Geri Halliwell in sight (except this one…)


For a way more classy take on the above picture that I wasn’t going to show under any circumstances Nine Zero have this braided Union Jack tunic dress for $128. I think this would look great with dark denim skinny jeans, some bright red heels and a rock and roll attitude.


New Look also have these cute frilled knickers for just £4. Though you may not want to get them out in public, or maybe you do? And indeed who am I to judge you?


Jewellery is probably my preferred way to embrace my nationality and bring out the Union Jacks, I love this Topshop Cuff by Anna Lou for £30 and this letter box and union jack charm necklace for $45.50 from Hoo La La on Etsy, which actually makes me think of my outfit from the weekend!


Finally if adorning your body with Union Jacks just isn’t your thing then buy some cute cushions and adorn your home with (left to right) My Shabby Cottage $28 Becky Oldfield at the National Maritime Museum £45 and Kimberley Dawn Cushions £25