Octobers Stats…

Start Weight: 11st 5lb

Weight Now: 11 st 4 lb

Monthly Loss: 1lb

Total loss: 14lb

Waist: 29.5″

Miles Run: 42.92

Average Distance per run: 3.9

Horrendous Hangovers that could only be cured by copious amounts of food:1

Effect of cold weather on willpower and motivation:Not Good

Happy Halloween everyone!

It is cold, it is dark, and I really don’t fancy salad. I still have no kitchen so the option of making up healthy stews and chillis is not yet open to me. But I’ve battled on, on the food front, and have somehow managed to knock another 1lb off this month. Not a huge amount, but again, far more than I deserve.

I need to find a balance between the food my body seems to demand now I’m exercising more, and the food I should be eating. I never used to eat breakfast, but these days I’m ravenous and end up stuffing my face at lunch time, so I need to make sure I plan a breakfast and a healthy lunch to stop me over indulging later on! I also need to make sure I hydrate better, as I’ve noticed this month I’ve felt dehydrated a lot, which makes me depressed, anxious and lethargic as well as thirsty!

I’ve run a few less miles in October. I scaled back any longer runs after the Mariotts Way 10k (which went swimmingly, by the way) and the darker nights have meant sometimes it’s been hard to get out and run. I need to pick it up again over the next few weeks as I have the Adnams 10k in November! I did try getting on a treadmill in a hotel, but frankly it sucked and I hated it. It felt insanely hard and I sweated buckets. Ugh.

Good news is that I’m not having quite so much trouble with my shin or hip flexor. Obviously my strategy of reading running magazines in front of the TV with a pint of beer has been a successful one, combined with a few core exercises and stretches. I should probably still be doing more than a few planks and a couple of squats, but it’s a start! Oh, and I can do 5 press ups now, which is a step up from the 2 I managed at first. Yay me!

Octobers Acheivements

Completed the Marriotts Way 10K (not under an hour though!)

Photo by Epic Action Imagery

Lost 1lb

Increased the amount of core work and strength work I do (from “none” to “some”)

Bought a hat and gloves so I don’t freeze when I run in the dark and cold (yes, I can claim shopping as an acheivement)

 Novembers Goals

Seriously, I need to get back into that planning ahead thing on the meals front

Complete the Adnams 10k (under an hour?!)

Get under 11 stone. Seriously, 4lb, how hard can it be?