German based Erika Hendrix has had her own independent label since 2005 and creates gorgeous detailed pieces from 90% natural materials.

She started sewing shirts back in 2002 during an internship in Interior Design and the line has grown from shirts, to dresses, coats, leggings and even scarves, jewellery and accessories.

Every piece on the site is handmade and designed by Erika Hendrix, and you can’t get a much better guarantee that they’ve never been near a sweatshop.


Her Autumn Winter 2009 collection “A Fashion Tale” is full of amazing structural pieces like this 80s inspired reversible coat, bubble shorts and, my personal favourite, this dramatic plaid circle skirt


Alongside these are those perfect basics that you just know will become that part of your wardrobe your not sure how you ever lived without like the knit leggings and tunic.


Best of all the entire collection is almost unbelievably affordable considering the amount of work that much go into each handmade piece, the most expensive piece on the website is 140 for a coat.

The new Erika Hendrix Collection is released on the 5th August, but available for pre orders RIGHT NOW, through the website. She charges just 4 for shipping regardless where you live.

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