I write a fair bit about ethical fashion. Whether that be recycled, second hand and vintage clothing or designers and retailers trying to produce their fashion more ethically and responsibly. Over the last year I’ve written about swishing, ethical silk, ethically conscious fashion and low cost retailers.

There is a increasing range of voices out there calling for and reporting on ethically produced fashion, the recycling side of things like vintage and pre-owned clothing (as opposed to it’s benefits to your wallet) and an increasing awareness of how the fashion industry needs to sit up and take notice of ethical and Green issues.

I’ve tried to put together a bit of further reading. Some of these blogs are focused mainly on green and ethical fashion, others are fashion blogs with an interest in trying to make their wardrobes more ethical and Eco friendly.

Fair trade and organic fabrics

Quail by Mail has some useful facts on Organic Cotton

Ethics Girls has a great post about the production of cotton and a feature on Fair Trade

Sweat shop production and High Street shopping

The Gin Lady about talks about high street shops and their ethical credentials

The Coveted investigates sweatshop production

Green Girls Global covers the search for ethical mainstream fashion

Wise Geek tells us what Sweatshop clothing actually

Money and Values talks about the struggle to buy non sweatshop clothes.

The Coveted and Ethical Style both also have great features about Counterfeit goods and their ethical implications.

Recycling, swishing, buying vintage and other more ethical ways of scratching your fashion itch

The Coveted talks about ways of shopping more ethically

Ethics Girls has a feature on recycled fashion

Global Cool writes about online swapping

The Londonist talks about the growth in recycled clothing


Image courtesy of Flavinsky