Last night as I drifted off to sleep I wondered if today I should go swimming as today is my last day with access to a pool, or head out and run again.

When I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow my decision was made for me. I decided asthmatics with chest colds definitely shouldn’t run on snow in freezing temperatures and headed off to the pool.


It’s hard to say many exciting and interesting things. I swam for 15 minutes anti clockwise, then mixed things up a  bit by swimming 15 minutes clockwise because variety is the spice of life.

At one point I thought I heard the door go and that someone was going to come and ruin my empty pool paradise so I kept peering under the door looking for feet for a few laps, but no one came in and I had the whole place to myself to swim round, and round, and round.

Then I did a few stretches on the side of the pool clambered out, took photos, and that’s where the fun begins.


You see, I thought I’d been really clever, going down to the pool with my swimsuit on under a wrap around dress, thereby minimising the need for a locker and faffing around with lots of stuff. How clever am I?

Not clever at all, as it turns out. When I got out of the pool I realised that exceptionally bad forward planning had left me with 2 options. I could put the dress back on over a wet swimsuit, or walk back to my room, through a busy hotel, wearing a wrap around dress with the occasional tendency to blow open at the back, and no pants.


In the end I decided a wet swimsuit under a dress would be rather obvious and cling, so I scurried down the corridor back to my room pantless, hanging onto the flap of my dress for dear life to stop it blowing open and showing my bum to the world.

As it happens I didn’t even see a single soul on the way back to my room, so my modesty was safe, but I certainly like to live Janathon on the edge. That being quite enough excitement for one day I am now back on the Lemsips reading Runners World and pretending that this year I will have a “training plan” instead of just “going for a run”.


It’s the end of week 2! A quick round up.

Miles Run – 3 (pathetic)
Steps Walked – 37670 (even more pathetic)
Days spent unable to move from DOMS – 3 (out of 7, not bad!)
Bums Shown – 0