I know you’re all waiting to hear the latest in the “Gemma can’t breath” story, mostly because I know my Mum reads this and it saves me having to ring and explain it all.

This afternoon I went back to the Doctor, apparently my peak flow is in the perfectly normal range, which makes me wish I had a baseline score to compare it to from BEFORE I started having problems with my breathing because all I can tell people is that it’s way harder to breath now than it was in September. I must have had like MEGA breathing before. Still, the Doctor suspects that I may have a chest and sinus infection and has given me, after much umming and ahhing and soul searching, a course of antibiotics. They will either help, or they won’t if it’s viral, but in the mean time I have to take my reliever inhaler regularly and go back again next Friday. Seriously I spend more time in the Surgery than in my house.

Anyway, now we’ve got that out of the way. I thought long and hard about whether to go to scrim tonight or stay home, but I decided to dose myself up on the ventolin and give it a go. And I’m really glad I did.

P.S. This photo proves it is impossible to have nice hair and play Roller Derby.

IMG_6053I sat out every third jam so I didn’t get too breathless, and though I had a couple of really frustrating moments, mostly when I knew I could chase a jammer down, but just couldn’t get my body to do it, the scrim was really awesome.

We worked well together as a team, I didn’t die, and though I felt like a bit of stupid invalid sitting out the jams I’m so glad I went.

Plus I made myself scrambled eggs with chorizo when I got home which was blummin’ gorgeous.

IMG_6052In other news I notice snow is predicted this weekend. I may take this as a sign that I should never do Janathon again as I’m pretty sure the last time we had snow was January 2013, when I last did Janathon. Correlation equals causation right?

I apologise profusely for any snow chaos caused by my attempts to exercise every day in January.