Well it’s week 3 of Janathon and I only have to find one more interesting way of working the word circuits into a title next Wednesday.

Yes, today was circuits in the dark day at Style Health & Fitness with the Norfolk Brawds. I ran the first mile of the way there, then walked the bit with all the hills to avoid aggravating my butt pain as much as possible. I can still feel it, it’s like a marble deep in my butt cheek. Maybe I accidentally sat on a marble last week?

The run

CaptureIt’s colder than brass monkeys that live in the north pole AND left the freezer door open today so I was togged up in running hat and gloves and wind proof jacket, all of which looked at me reproachfully as I dragged them out of my kit box as they haven’t been out for a while


After our traditional doing weird things up and down the track warm up we moved onto 3 circuits of 7 stations. lifting heavy things, hitting things with a stick, an evil burpees and jumping over a tyre station, box jumps (or step ups if you’re a wuss like me who worries about the uneven tyre surface and her ankles of glass) and pull ups on an exciting swing thing bolted to the wall. Actually maybe I’ll try get a photo of the exciting swing thing next week.

There, won’t *that* give you something to look forward to?

IMG_6104Then I walked another 1.8 miles home, making that the first day I’ve hit my 10,000 steps since Sunday, though in my defence all activity trackers suck at picking up skating.

So, now I am home, and have tucked into bolognaise bake and carrot and raisin salad courtesy of day 2 of the Bodychef plan, I guess it’s time for an end of week 3 round up.

Miles Run: 3.5 (well it’s more than last week at least)
Steps Walked: 54821 (also better than last week, yay me!)
Hours spent wearing wheels on my feet: 9
Hours spent worrying about why my butt aches and if it’s possible to have a broken butt and if I am making it worse by doing X: 168 (That adds up to a week in case you were wondering, and considering there’ still 3 hours left of today that’s a lot of time)