Sigh. It’s *that* day when we all have to remember what it’s like to not stay in our pyjamas all day and eat chocolate for breakfast and start behaving like professional, responsible grown ups again.

This morning my Facebook feed was full of people feeling the pull of their duvets as they struggled into work.

Except I work from home, and I mostly like my job, so I wasn’t dreading it too much. What I really was dreading was going out and running up those stupid hills again.

This is why they tell you to vary your running route to avoid boredom. I needed to pop to the local Tesco for a few essentials like Lemsips and butter (also avocado and feta, how middle class am I?) by skipping the final hill of my 1.5 mile route and keeping going a little further along the road I could finish my 1.5 miles outside Tesco and then walk home.

So I then spent a considerable amount of time procrastinating and desperately trying to find a different route that would take me to Tesco and still cover the distance. There wasn’t one, or not a sensible one, so I gave myself a mental slap round the face and headed out anyway.

Looking slightly windswept across the road from Tesco while I recovered my composure.


I did 1.5 miles, it’s quite disturbing how much I’m enjoying watching them rack up on my Nike+, I might abandon the idea of doing any longer runs, or if I do, maybe I’ll stop my Nike every 1.5 miles and restart it so I can stack them up and enjoy the symmetry.

In the first quarter mile I had a coughing fit so hard my eyes started watering. I think it just takes that long for my lungs to get used to the fact I am asking them to do running breathing. You can see on the graph how slow I started out, thanks to said coughing fit.


Then, at about half a mile, MY SHOE LACES CAME UNDONE! It was the other foot to the last few times, seriously need a shoe lace tying refresher course. It was particularly annoying as I double knotted them as well. Stupid shoes.

I’d just had to overtake a couple of young blokes walking along the road, so I was too embarrassed to stop immediately and tie them up, so I ran the next 100 metres with my laces flapping around my ankles, trying to look nonchalant while not falling over them. Classy.

Not running up the hill at the end was nice relief, and 1.5 miles came to a stop conveniently outside Tesco.


In less convenient news Tesco had run out of Lemsips. Which was very distressing, but they did have plenty of avocados, so that’s a relief.

This meant I had to stop at the tiny corner shop at the end of my road and buy inferior non all-in-one max strength Lemsips for an inflated price.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I made it through the day.