Well, that’s it guys, it’s all over!

Thanks for your support and for a months worth of blogs, but now I have to remember how to do something other than think about running a mile a day in wind, ice, rain, snow, sleet, sun and my pyjamas.


I set out to do 1.5 miles this evening, because that would take my total mileage up to 45 miles. I got a bit tired on that stupid mountain at the end of my road, but other than that I felt pretty great on todays run.

Gemma Stats

My Nana died and I went to her funeral, there’s been 6″ of snow, sheet ice on the pavements, force nine gales, and more hangovers than there probably should have been in January, but I did it, and I ran at least a mile every day. Tonight I am rewarding myself with beer.

I’d already decided I had to go out in style and my last Janathon run had to be a red lipstick run, so a red lipstick run it was.


So, how did I do?

Miles Run: 45.1 miles

Average Pace: 9’32”

Average Distance Run: 1.4 miles

Total Time Running: 7 hours 10 minutes 18 seconds