“Oh”, I thought. “The Sun is shining, that must have put paid to some of that ice”



I was quite hungover today. Note last nights 2am blog post. It was the sort of hangover where unless there’s something really urgent to be done you’re still in bed at lunch time.

I was still in bed at lunch time.

I couldn’t face an indoor run with a hangover, I wanted some cool, crisp air. So I convinced myself the ice couldn’t be *that* bad and went out.

I had to run in the road most of the way, which was scary in itself as the roads round me, while not exactly busy, aren’t exactly quiet either. I frequently had to leap back onto the icy paths, where I could feel my feet slipping out from under me as I ran.

Gemma Stats

One section through a woodland walk still appeared to be snow, but it had frozen to a layer of ice crystals and running on it was a lot like running on sand. I could hear a base layer of ice crack with every step, which wss kind of fun actually. I felt like I was running on a frozen lake at risk of falling through any second.

Still, I made it home in one piece, though I’m glad my hangover had stopped me convincing myself to go further today. Pace was rubbish, but at least I didn’t stack it embarrasingly in public in front of all the people in stout boots treading carefully and looking at me like I was a lunatic.

The fresh air did at least clear my head a little.


Dinner today was a Chinese takeaway. See “Hangover Food”.

That’s 2 this week, I am bad. But it’s been a toughie of a week so I shall forgive myself and eat lots of fruit tomorrow or something.

5 days to go…….