Today I am in such a rush to get stuff done as I am going away for the weekend camping.

At 2pm I thought I better go out quick. So off I went.



Turns out that even if you’re only running a mile you should still put your proper running pants on and not just wear the stupid ones that try and crawl up your bottom every 5 minutes, so apologies to anyone who had to put up with the sight of me trying to disentangle my underwear whilst not stopping running.

Still, I was quite speedy, must have been the panic that I had to get back and pack hanging over my head!

For reasons known only to its irritating little self, my Nike+ has chosen today, when I’m in a hurry, as the day not to sync, so no graph, you’ll just have to trust me that I did 1.2 miles in an average pace of 9’08”, so there!

And now I am packing, and writing this, and still panicking. Ahhh!