Well, I risked a return to Roller Derby last night, even though my leg is still a little stiff.

My leg ached slightly after a couple of falls, so I stopped falling on the leg, so right knee falls were the order of the day!

Last night we covered some jumps and stepping drills, cross overs and weaving. I left after 2 hours sweaty and exhausted but, with no significant pain in my leg, which was a relief!



I’m frankly quite scared of hurting myself again, so Juneathon or not I am taking it a little easier till I know it’s better. I’ve only hurt myself that badly once before, and that was when I was sprinting at primary school and sprained my hip, which twanged like a rubber band and had me off my feet for weeks. It still aches now sometimes when I over do it.

Once Juneathon is over I plan Β to try and be a bit more organised with my exercise. I need to up my miles to train for a half marathon, but I’m also keen to keep up the Roller Derby, though I assume my muscles will acclimatise a little more over time and I won’t be forever spending Tuesday and Wednesdays with aching thighs. I’m also weirdly enjoying the swimming, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for hotels with pools!