So, today I booked in with a Sports Therapist as recommended by one of my team mates, and went for my first ever sports massage.

It was a lot less relaxing than the one I had at Neals Yard once.

He suggested my back pain was caused primarily by my quadratus lumborum, if I remember correctly, and looking them up that seems right! Also my erector muscles further up my back now hurt, but they’ve just joined in over the last couple of days as they were feeling left out.

Basically I need to stop spending all day sitting hunched over my laptop while sitting in an arm chair (she writes while sitting hunched over a laptop sat in an armchair)


I’m definitely a lot more mobile after being pummeled for 30 minutes and able to stand up right. Now I’m home I’m trying to do some stretches at least once an hour, and keep moving around and not stay sat hunched over in this armchair too long so I seize up again.

I might not be magically fixed, but I’m a lot better than I was and the massage, though painful, was worth the cab fare there and back and the £25! (I went to JBC Sports Therapy on Queens Road in Norwich)

So, that’s 2 days with technically no exercise, and no points earned in our teams Fit for Chips competition. I guess I’ll have to buy my own burger.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll make it back on the Yoga?