I’m quite enjoying this mixing up the exercise thing. This morning my thighs ACHE and as the hotel I am in has a pool I decided it was time to try it out. I keep bringing my costume with me in case, but I’m never brave enough to go an investigate.

But today I did.

It’s been almost as long since I went proper swimming as it’s been since I was on roller skates, so I wondered if I might drown, but as the pool is only 1.5m deep I thought I’d risk it.

Swimming feet on stripy hotel carpet.


It’s not a busy pool, I’ve walked past a few times and it’s always empty, so naturally I turned up to try it at the same time as 2 other people. I was a little bored swimming round and round in circles in the pool with another woman, which a man, who I think was with her, was in the sauna. If I’d have been on my own I’d have probably broken it up a bit by standing on my head, swimming backwards or generally mucking about, but I felt obliged to be well behaved in company.


in a swimsuit for the first time in many, many years

I swam for 25 minutes in total, then the chap left the sauna and got in the pool and kept hanging around the corners instead of swimming, I didn’t feel confident to swim past him as I’m a bit flaily and might kick him in the unmentionables, so I got out, spent 5  minutes in the sauna, then hit the showers.

It was harder on the arms that I remember, and it was nice to do some exercise where I didn’t feel all sweaty and gross for once, though it didn’t feel as hard work out of breath wise (there’s a real word for that, but it escapes me at the moment) as running or skating.

I’d already put my lippy back on by the time I took this photo, so it’s at least less terrifying than yesterdays. Bring on day 6.