Ah, New Years Eve. That night of the year when “fun” is obligatory.

Personally I love to go out on New Year, it’s a perfect excuse to get all glammed up and get rid of that post Christmas slump. Yet I’m always surprised by the number of people who “hate” New Years Eve.

Do you Love or Hate New Years Eve?

In my late teens and early 20s I planned large elaborate nights out that left me miles away from home, hungover, cold, wearing inappropriate clothing for the weather and with no access to transport.

Since then I’ve learnt that actual “fun” is more likely to be found closer to home and a warm bed that I can stay in for as long as I like. This year I’m going to Carry on Swinging at The Talk in Norwich with the Bonanafana Social Club. I have yet to decide on an appropriately themed “Carry On” style outfit, so any suggestions are gratefully received!

What are YOU doing for New Years Eve?

Photo by morberg