Oh deary deary me. Only a week ago I was wittering on about lazy late Summer days and posting links to bargain sale maxi dresses and now it’s raining, and there’s that definite Autumn chill in the air that is prompting me to take stock of my existing wardrobe and wonder what I need to see me into the chillier weather.

I love to look at the seasons trends and work them into my wardrobe. But generally not by marching into Topshop and walking out with armfuls of the same clothes that everyone else is going to be wearing all winter. This is partly due to a lack of funds and partly due to the urge to have my wardrobe be something other than a collection of someone elses interpretation of the seasons style. The odd piece, yes. The whole lot, no.

So if I want to update my wardrobe I need to work out what I already own, what I can adapt or make and what I need to buy, whether that’s new or by trawling the charity shops and vintage boutiques for that perfect structured shift dress..

The Trend I already own

  • Big shoulders – I already have a great black 40s style jacket with structured shoulders. Belting it and wearing it with a chic black pencil dress and some fabulous hosiery will make it perfect for autumn. Not quite Balmain, but more my budget.


L-R:Pollini, Max Azria, Balenciaga

The Trend I can make

  • Snoods – Oh how I love a fashion trend that is warm, cosy and stylish too. I’m pretty sure I have some jumpers falling apart at the seams that are just begging to be made into snoods. I doubt I shall be wearing mine with quite as many layers as the Missoni catwalk, or quite such a miserable expression as the Burberry girls, but oh how warm my ears will be this winter.


L-R: Missoni, Burberry Prorsum

The Trend I NEED to buy

  • Hosiery – I’m unlikely to be knitting my own tights any time soon and my recent clear out has meant I don’t even have a pair of black opaques at the moment, but new hosiery is generally a pretty affordable way to liven up your wardrobe. I live in skirts so I’m currently lusting after the perfect pair of black lacy tights, but I’d also love a pair of leg lengthening vertical stripes and I adore graphical prints like the Chanel ones below.


L-R: Marni, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel