I LOVE Nigella Lawson.

And frankly she’s long overdue for adding to the ranks of the Retro Chick style icons. She’s on my mind at the moment as I just used some Amazon vouchers to buy her new book, though I’m not sure how happily that will sit with yesterdays avowed resolution to lose weight.

There’s no denying that Nigella Lawson is a beautiful woman. Flawless skin, glossy hair and symmetrical features hardly make her an outsider in the world of feminine good looks.

What she has that sets her apart, though, are 2 things.

Firstly, her personality, which shines through in every picture and every episode of her TV show. She’s the only TV chef who’s recipes I’ve actually used after watching her show, and not only that, they’re a half hour escape into a world that’s almost exactly like this one, but more glamorous. There’s meetings, and rushing out of the house in the morning for work, but all infused with a special bit of Nigella sparkle.

Secondly, or course, there’s those astonishing hour glass curves. It’s obvious that Nigella really loves food, it’s her job, and people who really like food don’t weigh 7 stone. She’s taken some serious stick for her size with BBC message board comments describing her as “a porker” and asking what kind of example she was setting. I think she loves herself and is happy in who she is, and that’s an example that everyone can learn from.

I have no idea what Nigella weighs, but I can’t imagine describing her as a porker. Both her personality and her shape are voluptuous and sensual. I wouldn’t advocate gluttony and obesity as a way of life, but I love that Nigella is shining light to prove that you can be gloriously sexy and fanciable regardless of the number on the scales.

She also knows how to dress those curves for maximum effect, and, no doubt, knows the power of proper underwear!

Nigella Lawson seems to know what suits her and she doesn’t deviate from that for the whims of fashion. It’s a classic style, sometimes a little too classic maybe, but it’s achievable and makes the most of her not inconsiderable assets.

Scoop neck tops, cashmere cardigans, pencil dresses and black trousers. They’re wardrobe basics and though they might not set the fashion world alight, on Nigella they look luxurious and glamorous.

When I grow up I hope to be just like Nigella. Confident, glamorous, gloriously sensual.

Though I still won’t be soaking my Christmas Turkey in buckets of brine.