There are 2 reasons for this new series. The first is that there are so many fantastic bloggers whose blogs I read on a regular basis and I wanted a way to share them. The second is, well, I’m really nosy.

So hopefully I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite bloggers answers to the same 10 questions, all about their wardrobes.

My first victim interviewee is the wonderful Eyeliah of Style Symmetry.

Reasons you should check out her blog:

She’s friendly and approachable

She has a great collection of adorable dresses and takes photos of them regularly

She’s a thrift shop Queen

She has a balcony.

Ok, so the last one isn’t necessarily a reason to read. But I’d quite like a balcony in my house and Eyeliah is very lucky to have one.


1.What was the first piece of vintage clothing you remember buying or owning?

When I was 13-14 years old it started.  I was all about thrift store shopping and I remember a vintage 60s jacket, lots of mens trousers and 70s polo shirts and saving so much money that I was hooked.

2. What was the last item of clothing you bought?

a vintage leather jacket that is the same as one I already own, only difference is the color.  The first was $10 at the thrift 3 years ago, this one was $50 at a vintage store. here:


3. What is the most expensive item of clothing you’ve ever bought?

The embarrassing thing is, my dad bought me a few expensive things when I was a teen, a silver velvet dress (still have it) when I was 16 for $180, my grad dress was $250 the year after and some expensive clothes we got while in LA when I was 15 but since I have been on my own (almost 10 years now) the most I spent on one item was maybe $80 on a pair of leather boots. I need to buy a few investment pieces over the next while like a big sturdy purse and doc martens or maybe high top adidas sneakers.

4. What’s your current favorite item of clothing?

my current favorite is a wild pink and red fringed jacket I’ve had for 5 years but am just now getting the courage to wear in public. here:


5. Do you prefer heels or flats?

I would love to prefer heels but I have a knee injury so I am constantly hunting for the cutest flats on the planet, I have a decent collection built up now.  Vianni and Jeffrey Campbell make my favorites.

6. Describe your style in 3 words

girly,colorful and accessorized.

7. Skirts or trousers?

The last time I wore trousers (excluding denim) was in June, so it’s been 4 months!!  Skirts and dresses everyday.

8. How much do you spend on clothes in an average month?

I haven’t shopped much this year, I am saving for a holiday.  I host and attend clothing swaps to continually update my wardrobe for free.  If I averaged it out though, I’d say $40 (etsy and sockdreams are habits).  Three years ago it would’ve been more like $200 a month, right now I feel like I have almost everything I need.

9. How is your wardrobe organized?

Meticulously, I live in a small space so each inch counts.  I make the most of every nook and cranny and even rotate clothes in and out of storage once a year to mix up what I keep on hand.  Items are categorized and then organized by color.  There are more than 25 categories…. I just realized I am like Monica on Friends!  I do posts on how I store for more information here:


10. Are you sentimental about your clothes?

Extremely, is it sad that clothing is important to me?  I like some of my clothes more than my husband! Just kidding, but not really. 🙂 Touching the fabric can bring me back to a memory I associate with the item, even if rose colored glasses may be involved.