For years I was very lacking in Summer Skirts.

I was deeply dedicated to buying as many dresses as I could. I still think dresses are an easy one-stop option that makes people think you made an effort, but skirts have found a new place in my heart.

Part of this was I discovered the joy of wearing them with crop tops. Mostly because I got bloody-mindedly annoyed with a sudden proliferation of articles telling me I should totes have stopped wearing crop tops now I’m over 35 (and while I’m at it, I should stop saying things like totes as well.)

So, my collection of summer skirts has started to grow from a couple of plain navy ones, into a selection of novelty prints and swishy red numbers.

The versatility of skirts is one of the things I have learned to love about them. There are very few prints that can’t be worn with a roll neck jumper and boots as well as a crop top.

So, although I’ve learned from this weeks outfit post and won’t be braving crop tops just yet, here’s a selection of skirts I’ve got my eye on that you can start wearing straight away, and won’t have to stay hanging unloved until the weather warms up properly.

Boden Lola Skirt

I struggled with which version of this skirt to share. This very summery print would still be wearable now, I think I’d team it with a white cardigan. It does, however also come in the most amazing novelty print called Botanical Gardens, which is covered in Victorian greenhouses, and also a big bold polka dot print, which I’m quite drawn to, despite not being a huge polka dot fan.

One of each please!

Boden Summer Skirt

H&M Jacquard Weave Skirt 

I feel like I’ve been contradicting myself massively on the topic of yellow recently. Saying I don’t like it, then blatantly parading around in a yellow cardigan and sharing yellow floral skirts. Lets just say I have a love/hate relationship with yellow shall we, and leave it at that?

I like this fabric, it’s fresh and summery and, again, would look great with white.

Lindy Bop Space Unicorn Print Skirt

Space Unicorns. It’s got space unicorns on it. I don’t know what space unicorns are (er, unicorns in space, maybe?) but I’m pretty sure I need a skirt with them on.

And it’s in the sale. Just saying.

Collectif Charming Bird Flared Skirt

This bird print is so beautiful. I just love the colours, I am imagining they would go well with spring cherry blossoms. I might have to buy it and hang around cherry trees till spring is over.

Boden Candy Stripe Cora Skirt

I like stripes and occasionally I like candy colours. Ergo, I like this candy stripe skirt. It’s linen, so perfect for casual summer days and has a lovely gentle A-line shape that’s not too full and flouncy.

Next Full Blush Skirt

Oooh, Next, where have you been hiding? Next is a site that I forget to check often, probably because I think I might still owe them money from a Next Directory account I took out in 2001 and I feel guilty about it every time I look.

Still, I dealt with the guilt and found this blush pink pretty. I like the geometric design behind the florals that makes it a little more edgy, if anyone could ever accuse Next of edginess.