Never let it be said that I only show you the interesting and fancy outfits.

Today I thought I’d show you a more dressed down, comfortable outfit for a Sunday afternoon.

Most people (women!) seem to wear trousers or jeans as their go to comfort outfit, but I’ve never found them a comfortable thing to wear. I have a pair of jersey palazzo trousers, and my Lady K Loves Rosie Trousers (which I just killed the zip on, sob!) which I will wear in a (very cold) pinch, but otherwise I am a confirmed skirts girl.

So, this Sunday when I was heading out for a nice Sunday lunch and a visit to Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, this is what I chose to wear.

❤ Dress - Vintage 1940s ❤ Jumper - from a Bootfair ❤ Coat - Principles via eBay ❤
 ❤ Shoes - Clarks via eBay ❤ Brooch - Vintage from a Bootfair ❤

I went for What Katie Did seamed tights instead of stockings for a bit of extra warmth, and considering I was planning a big roast dinner and some beer I decided red lips were a bit too high maintenance and went with Soap & Glory Red My Lips.

The dress is a fairly loose fit on the waist, and long enough to be quite warm, so for me this is a low-key Sunday outfit. There still seems to be an overwhelming public opinion that anyone not wearing jeans or a track suit is “dressed up”, so I still manage to give off the impression that I’ve made quite an effort with my outfit, which is a bonus as far as I’m concerned!

I have nothing more interesting to say today as I have to go and plan a far more elegant outfit for #zomgbloggersbash tonight and I have a train to catch!

So. Tell me about your weekend….