Good afternoon!

I’m enjoying a very sundayey, sunday today. I’ve watched Paddington and eaten toast and drunk tea and I’m feeling nicely relaxed. Which is all I really want from a Sunday afternoon if I’m honest.

It’s also a bit of a relief after the stressfulness of yesterday, but more of that in a bit.

This week I….

Became a Domestic Goddess

Can you believe it was Easter Sunday this time last week? It feels like an age ago! I decided to make an effort this Easter and make roast lamb with spring vegetables and hasselback potatos, and TRIFLE.

I wasn’t confident any of it would work. But it did, and I felt pretty darn smug. Also the trifle was one of those Birds ones where all the bits come in a box which I remember my Mum making when I was little, which was a nice piece of Easter nostalgia.

Felt Springlike

Isn’t it finally a bit springlike? It’s amazing!

And there’s nothing more springlike than pugs in Daffodils.

Took the new running shoes for a spin

Possibly related to the springlike weather, and also possibly related to the fact that I am signed up to run a 10k in early May and suddenly realised I’ve only been for a run TWICE since Janathon.

I took my new running shoes out to run a 5k. It was HARD. Like really hard, and really slow.

Then I got a big sad on about hard it was and how I was rubbish.

I went out again later in the week and it was less hard. So that’s good and hopefully next time I won’t be such a big baby (unlikely)

Played Dungeons & Dragons

We started playing Dungeons & Dragons towards the end of last year, then had to take a break for a few months as we didn’t have time to get together.

On Bank Holiday Monday we finally got back together, and this time there was a whiteboard and maps.

It’s not a simple game, but we’re slowly getting into it, and I very much enjoy the occasional chance to throw fireballs at people.

We had planned to play again this weekend, but it was derailed by…

A Poorly Peppa

On Saturday morning we had a whole day planned. Mr LLL was going to head out for his Half Marathon training run first thing, then I was due to be at Roller Derby practice from 10:30-2:30pm, then we had friends coming over in the evening to play D&D.

Then at 7am I got up and went downstairs to find poor Peppa sitting on a chair covered in sick looking very sorry for herself. I took her upstairs where she went to sleep for a little while, then about 8am she woke up and vomited bile all over my bed and in my shoes. Hmmmm.

She looked so sad and pathetic, wouldn’t move without being carried, showed no interest in breakfast and was generally a very poorly pup.

I was heartbroken, we had no idea what could have caused it and I just hate the idea of her being poorly and sick and not being able to tell me what’s wrong.

After about an hour she was walking herself, but still looked very poorly, so we took her up to the vet where she was given 3 injections. 2 of the injections were apparently quite painful and make big dogs cry, but not Peppa, because Peppa is badass.

I left her with Mr LLL and headed up to Roller Derby in a hurry. When I got home at 3pm she still wasn’t interested in food.

Mr LLL headed out for his run and I managed to get her to eat a little bit of peanut butter and drink some water. Later on she ate some boiled chicken and took a little try around the block.

Our planned D&D night became a takeaway and movie so we could keep an eye on her, but she gradually started to brighten up a bit as the night went on. I’m sure you’ll all be pleased to know that this morning she looks like nothing ever happened and is as perky as ever.

We still have no clue what made her sick, but I’m so relieved she recovered so quickly.

Ate Blue Rice

In lighter news, and definitely worth mentioning, the takeaway that replaced D&D came from Vegan Wok. They have “healing rice” with Cocoflower. It was blue.

It was also very tasty, as was the rest of the food, we’ll definitely be going back!

And that was another exciting week in my life.

How was your week?