Hi there! We’re at the end of another relentlessly long and sunny week.

I feel like I could do with a day where I get up and it’s grey and rainy, just to remind myself that this *is* actually England after all. But hey, at least I’m getting a lot of washing dry. It has its advantages, even if the Pugs and I are basically spending all the hours between 10 am and 6 pm hiding inside with the curtains drawn and the fan on.

Which is basically how I plan to spend the rest of this afternoon. I have magazines and comics that I haven’t had time to read and I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon doing just that.

But first up, this week I…..

Wore Odd Shoes

Ok, I didn’t actually wear odd shoes, but I couldn’t think of a snappy headline for this section.

On Monday I went to the gym. I do Olympic lifts on Mondays, which means I wear Olympic lifting shoes. They have solid soles and elevated heels, and they’re not really the sort of shoes you wear to walk the mile to get to the gym. So, I stuck them in my gym bag and walked there in running shoes.

Except when I got to the gym and took them out of my bag, what I’d actually taken with me was this…

They aren’t even the same colour. What random part of my brain actively picked up one purple and one black shoe we will never know, but the upshot was I had to do my Olympic lifts in running shoes, which was difficult as they are unstable and wobbly and squishy.

Ah well.

May Have Hit a Squat PB

Or maybe not, who knows.

My gym has recently bought some shiny new bars. Some are regular 20kg bars, some are the lighter 15kg bars. Helpfully, none of them are labelled with the weight, which makes picking a bar fraught with difficulty.

On Wednesday we eyed up a shiny bar. It was slightly thinner than one of the old 20kg bars, but also thicker than one of the shiny new 15kg bars that was on the floor next to the rack. We ummed and ahhed and a lady working out behind us said she thought it was a 20kg.

So we believed her, and I hit a new squat PB of 80 kg after being stuck at 77.5 kg for a few weeks.

Or possibly it was a 15 kg bar and I actually only did 75 kg which would explain why it felt good. Who knows.

Got Free Crumpets

In the midst of a nationwide CO2 shortage that is apparently leaving the UK without beer or crumpets, Mr LLL managed to grab free crumpets because the local corner shop was about to throw them away and offered them to him instead.

Waste not, want not. Now to cover them in cheese and butter….

Definitely Finally Got That Sub 30 Minute 5k

A few years back, when running was all I did, I managed to just scrape sub 30 minute 5ks (and even once a sub 1 hour 10k, happy days)

I am not naturally speedy and takes me a fair bit of effort to run at around 10-minute miles. I think the last time I ran a sub 30 minute 5k was about 5 years ago.

On Saturday I headed out in the morning planning to do 4 miles, but after the first mile or so I noticed that I was making really good time, and I decided to do a 5k instead because I just desperately wanted to see that sub 30 minute 5k on my watch and it was a nice, flat, most shady route.

It was still hot, and keeping up that pace was hard, but I managed to just scrape it in under 30 minutes. Once I’d managed to stand up again I did a little happy dance.

Yay! Now all I have to do build up to 10k again before Run Norwich in a month *gulp*.

Accidentally Dyed My Hair Lilac

I kinda like it, but it’s not supposed to be this colour. It was a silver toner, but obviously I didn’t do a strand test, because who does that?

I think the warm weather may have meant I shouldn’t have left it on as long as normal.

Suffice to say, my hair is now lilac.

Watched A Lot of Football

Which is pretty much what I think the rest of the country was doing this week.

I not only watched the England games, but also the France v Uruguay game because Mr LLL has put a bet on a France v England final, so, yay France!

We then accidentally ended up watching the end of the Russia v Croatia game in a pub that we popped into for one last drink.

We started heading off home, only to find a random Pirates of the Carribean themed float (It was also the Lord Mayors Parade that day, which makes it slightly less random) playing 90s music parked in the street with half of Norwich dancing around it. We stopped for a slightly tipsy dance, which finished with an epic rendition of 3 Lions while Norwich folk danced in the warm night and hugged each other.

It was pretty magical actually.

I took some videos that are on my Instagram Stories, but they only photo I have as evidence of any of the night is this elephant from the parade, so, enjoy.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?