Well, we’ve come to the end of another chilly and uneventful week.

To make a change, I actually have quite a busy Sunday planned. I’m off to cover the first aid at a Roller Derby game this morning, thanks to my brand new Roller Derby first responder qualification, and then after that I’m heading to the pub for a bit of a goal setting session with some friends, and very possibly a couple of beers.

Still, that sounds like news for next week. In the mean time, this week I…..

Celebrated stuff

Because January is boring and cold. Fortunately it also comes with some inbuilt excuses to celebrate stuff that really has nothing to do with me, and 2 of them fell in this week.

On Wednesday it was Burns Night. Burns Night seems to be getting bigger and there were a couple of pubs near us doing stuff for the night. We, however, opted to stay home, invite a couple of friends round and cook our own Haggis, neeps and tatties and drink a few wee drams and some Scottish beer.  We even put a table cloth on and everything, though I didn’t iron it, we didn’t want to go over board.

Then on Saturday it was Chinese New Year. In the old days I might have ordered a takeaway, but I have to be thrifty these days, so instead I made Mr Chick cook crispy beef and sticky rice. It was REALLY good. We also watched Rumble in the Bronx, it was my first ever full martial arts movie (unless you count Kung Fu panda), it was kinda fun. The acting was terrible, but IMDB informs me that all the actors were actually stunt men, so that explains it really.

Had a Shopping Spree

Whilst being paid for work you do in cash is obviously far preferable, occasionally it’s fun to be paid in vouchers or fun stuff that doesn’t have to go on boring things like bills. Last week I got paid for a sponsored post (on another blog, not this one) in Amazon vouchers.

That meant I got to finally get loads of stuff that had been on my wishlist but seemed too much like a frivolity to spend real money on.

I got a rose gold Kindle cover, that’s a little more rose, than gold for my liking, but still very cool. I also got some photography lights which will make taking product shots for the shop much easier and a multi region DVD player so I can watch all my old Buffy DVDs again.

Got obsessed with electricity

Seriously, this is how exciting my life is. Our new budget includes £50 a month on our electricity meter, which SHOULD be plenty. But in December we got a bit carried away and used the tumble dryer, which apparently uses gold plated electricity which meant we had to top up the meter before Christmas.

I was determined to make that £50 last until our “payday” on the 28th January. This means I have spent the entire of the last week turning things off and obsessively checking the Smart meter balance. The sound of me walking round the house shouting “We’re using 5p an hour! What’s on?!” is becoming a common one. I nearly gave in and topped up the exciting new Smart meter on Friday night with 84p remaining, but the top up site was down for maintenance, so I rode it out till Saturday morning and we made it! 47p left!

It shouldn’t feel like an achievement, but somehow it does.

Upped my chocolate egg game

Last week it was Creme Eggs. This week it’s Lindt chocolate eggs, because I’m fancy.

They’re still 3 for £1, but I think they’re smaller. I’m definitely ready to stop bitching about Easter products being in the shops too early. Gimme ALL the chocolate eggs!

And that was another eventful week in my life!

How was your week?