Well hello! It’s another week where I’m cheating and writing this the day before, because today I am off for another busy Sunday. This week I am not jetting off on a plane, instead I am in a car on my way to Buckinghamshire to play in my first Roller Derby game of the year.

You’ll find out how THAT went next week, but in the mean time, this week I…..

Went to a Fashion Show

Last week was Norwich Fashion Week, normally I get invites to the shows, but this year I was so busy that I forgot to reply to the emails by the deadline and wasn’t down for any shows.

My lovely friend Siofra offered to get me a ticket for the Vintage Show on Sunday evening, so at least I got a bit of a fashion fix! I went with Siofra and another friend, Sam and we sat in the back row and entertained ourselves by choosing our favourite model (one of the had some serious attitude, we liked her) and deciding that we now needed some huge 70s sunglasses, inspired by the Studio 54 theme of the show.

Ate my first Chocolate Bunny

First it was Creme Eggs, now its Malteaster Chocolate bunnies. Easter is approaching folks, it’s chocolate-tastic!

Saw a Dog in the Gym

The other week it was people walking tiny horses, this week I’ve seen the cutest fluffiest dog in the gym.

I’d like to say it was hogging the squat rack, but actually we quickly noticed it was a working dog. We therefore engaged all of our self restraint and didn’t rush over and pet it and rub our faces in its fur. I wanted to though. I really wanted to.

Overdosed on Nytol

Honestly, this gallivating off to different countries obviously doesn’t suit me. After a week attempting to do 2 weeks of work in one go so I could spend 3 days in Switzerland, a visit from my parents, going back to the gym, a sweaty Roller Derby practice and 2 days attempting to catch up with all the work I didn’t do while I was away and then a fashion show I was just about ready to drop. Of course, just when you desperately need sleep, you have the worst nights sleep ever. So I decided to take a Nytol on Tuesday night to help me get some rest. I went to bed, took a Nytol, read my book for a bit and then took a Nytol and turned out the light.

The eagle eyed amongst you there will notice the obvious mistake. I accidentally took 2 Nytol one-a-night because I am forgetful and quite, quite stupid. Once I realised this I immediately googled “Nytol overdose” and discovered horror stories from lots of people who for reasons known only to themselves had taken 25 Nytol in an attempt to get a good nights sleep. I also discovered that while the recommended dose for sleep disorders is 50mg, taking 100mg probably wasn’t going to kill me as the maximum dose was something like 400mg.

I slept REALLY well though.

Threw coffee all over the floor

Maybe too well, because on Wednesday morning while I was drinking my morning coffee in bed in an attempt to counteract the dregs of the Nytol I put my half full cup down on the wide flat bed frame of my Ikea bed, rather than on the bed side table.

Then I got out of bed and sent it flying across the room soaking my (admittedly already manky) cream carpets and an extension lead loaded with charging electrical appliances in coffee.

What an excellent start to a day.

Ate a delicious pizza

Last night, in a spirit of pre-game team bonding, some of the Norfolk Brawds went out for pizza. It was seriously good sourdough pizza in a little deli attached to a local organic supermarket called The Greengrocers. We went really early evening, because we all wanted to be home in time to indulge in our pre-game rituals, for me that includes nail painting and a lovely bath. Also because we have to leave at like, 8am. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a stupid time on a Sunday.

Then, when I got home, because I like to theme my food like I theme everything else, I had chocolate brownie dessert pizza.

And that was another week in my life.

How was your week?