Last year I went to War & Peace for the first time.

Despite me having lived in Kent for years I’d never been, but I loved it and swore to come back this year and bring Mr Chick along with me.

A lot of the bits that I particularly enjoyed last year (like the living history area and Kent Photo Archive) were exactly the same, so next year I think I’ll try and make sure I have more time to spend watching the shows in the main tent, though to be honest it’s kind of worth the entrance fee for the shopping, if you’ve got some money to spend!

What WAS different from last year was the weather. Last year I was hot and dusty by the end of the day. This year I was cold and muddy. The ground was significantly slippier underfoot, but I am counting my lucky stars that it didn’t rain!

I popped in and visited Shona from Heyday VS and while I was there tried on one of the new Mary dresses. I have one in green, but the cut has changed very slightly, with a larger waist and slightly fuller hips, and the fabric is now has a lovely matt crepey look, making it much easier to wear for day. I’m hopefully getting my mitts on another one in peacock blue soon, but my size wasn’t on the stall, so I’ll have to wait a bit!

Shona was having her hair done when I arrived (sorry Shona)

When I went back a bit later she was transformed with the most amazing Victory Rolls! P.S. if you like her suit keep an eye on Heyday come the autumn.

We’re both a bit squinty because it was one of those overcast but bright days.

So, anyway, what did I BUY?

Well, I didn’t buy this suit.

I love the suit, but I noticed a price tag on the hat that was over ยฃ300, and I suspect it was unlikely that the suit was the cheaper of the two pieces so I ceased looking. It wouldn’t have fit anyway.

I did get 2 books, a pair of glasses, some rain bonnets and some wave clips.

The wave clips I’m sure I will post more about when I’ve had chance to play with them properly. I’m quite excited! I also have a new setting lotion/gel to trial so I shall be needing some quality time alone with my hair over the next couple of weeks (life is hard)

The glasses were a bit of an impulse purchase and I need to get my prescription lenses put in them. Currently the lenses in them are strong and I can’t see myself in a mirror, so an emergency iPhone photo to check they suited is all I have (complete with price tag!) ! Apparently Specsavers can do the lenses, I just hope they don’t break them as I will be sad. I need another sight test first anyway, so I imagine I shall procrastinate for months before I do it anyway!

I’ve already had a nice flick through the Good Housekeeping book. It’s a selection of pages and articles from the magazine throughout the 1940s. It’s fascinating, though if I have a complaint it’s that often full articles aren’t reproduced and you get engrossed only to find the words “continued on page 141” which it isn’t. Boo.

Lastly, I bought a hat. It’s actually on my head in the 2 photos above, but you can’t see it as it sits at the back, so here it is:

It’s a little brown felt beret style hat with a stand up stalk, and apparently it “goes well with my hair” I agree, as it covers my roots which are currently appalling.

Just in case you have formulated the opinion that I went to War & Peace specifically to go shopping and look at people’s hair I will leave you with a few photos from the Living History area.