I must start by thanking you for your kind wishes on Monday’s post.

I know sometimes I’ve read posts on blogs before where bloggers have talked about personal issues, and sometimes I’ve felt a little uncomfortable commenting as I know that I don’t REALLY know them. So I’m sorry if I made anyone feel like that, but I’m terribly grateful for every ones wishes.

Now, as promised, I’m back with some festive spirit.

Or more accurately festive nails!

My sister has lately been instagramming the life out of her amazing nail art, and introduced me to the world of nail stickers and Christmas nail art. I never knew such a thing existed. So I invested a mere couple of quid on eBay and I now have FESTIVE FINGER NAILS!


I bought a sheet of these stickers from eBay for a mere £1.25. I painted my nails first with Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Oh, so close! (Silver), then attempted to create freehand half moons using Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Midnight Red on most of my nails, and W7 nail polish in Wild Blue, that I got from a press day goodie bag on an odd nail.

I then applied a snowflake to each red nail, and a reindeer to the blue one while the polish was tacky, and then sealed it clear polish once dry (that was Maybelline Forever Strong too, it’s on 3 for 2 in Boots!)

My freehand half moons aren’t the neatest, though my Sister charitably pointed out they look like snowdrifts, but I do love having festive nails! I’m also quite impressed with the “7 days wear” claim on the Maybelline Forever Strong Polish, as I’m a terrible one for chipping nails almost instantly, but I did these on Saturday and after 4 days they’ve not chipped at all and there’s only the tiniest of wear to the tips.

Festive Nails

I fear I may be converted to novelty nails. My terrible instinct for theming is starting to kick in and I feel the urge to pain them tartan for Burns Night and stick cherubs and hearts on them for Valentines Day.

Still, it’s good to have a hobby…..