By FAR the highlight find of my otherwise not great Saturday was when I stumbled across Tara Starlet in the Estethica Exhibition.

I’d found them online a few days earlier, looking at the Estethica exhibitors. It’s not often you come across a label that so completely meshes with your own likes and I was particularly keen to track them down and check out the quality for myself.

I was delighted to find their stall set out like they were exhibiting clothes in your Grandmothers living room.

I fear my tired and ill brain may have made me come across like an idiot, but I picked up one of their little press packs and had a very enjoyable riffle through the racks. I immediately wanted to be wearing the outfit on the dummy as it’s far nicer than anything I was actually wearing at the time Very Land Girls I think.

The press information declares:

Tara Starlet is a vintage inspired fashion brand with responsible ethics and a timeless charm.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like it belongs on Retro Chick then I don’t know what does.

As well as making all their clothes locally in London the brand also recycles and reinvents cashmere and wool jumpers, uses end of roll fabrics and recycles vintage buttons and trimmings to ensure their carbon footprint is as small and delicate as possible as well as making each of their designs limited edition.

The mother and daughter team behind Tara Starlet use pin up pictures of the 40s and 50s as their inspiration to create an exclusive range of beautifully made pieces.

There are 40s style tea dresses, bombshell wiggle dresses, adorable playsuits and high waisted skirts and trousers. All gorgeously detailed. They also have a cape on their website, and I think it’s the cape of my dreams, but sadly it’s sold out. Damn Spring Summer.

I shall finish this love in with a few of my favourites from their website and then I shall go off to find somewhere pretty to put the stickers that were in the press info (isn’t there something about being given stickers that turns you into a small child?)

Home Front Dancing Dress £68

Black Lace Dress £54

Sailor Slacks £56

Fantail Skirts £48