Cardigan – Primark
Dress – Pilot from about 10 years ago
Belt – Vintage
Tights – John Lewis
Pumps – F&F @ Tesco

The winter sun is reeeally low and bright, but it’s still freeezing, so before I got much further from the house I added about a million more layers to this outfit.

I’m feeling a little greyscale, but there’s some glitz in there too with a silver floral sprig on my dress and, my current favourite thing, metallic silver liquid eyeliner.


I think the outfit had a bit of a 60s vibe, my hair was slightly backcombed too, but only slightly, it is the middle of the day and I was only going to the library!

I particularly like this dress as it is about 10 years old, but for the last 5 it hasn’t fitted me, and getting back into it again feels pretty damn good.