Technically I’m on holiday.

I’ve been off on a little mini break over the weekend, but I’ve still got a few days before Mr Chick returns to work and we’re making the most of them, especially considering the beautiful weather.

We stayed at the Royal Wells Hotel in Tunbridge Wells for a few nights which was a gorgeous old place, stuffed with beautiful furniture and fun places to take outfit photos before I went out for the night, so I have a couple of outfit posts planned for the next couple of days before I return to work proper.

This outfit I wore to treat my Parents to dinner in the Royal Wells Brasserie.

The dress has had 9″ chopped off the bottom as it was so long it completely swamped me, and then been inexpertly hemmed with wunderweb as I didn’t trust myself near it with a sewing machine. It’s a gorgeous peachy pink blush colour in a lightweight drapey fabric which will be lovely when/if Summer arrives.

❤ Hair Orchid - Flamingo Amy  ❤ Pearls - Antique Market in Norwich ❤ Dress - Vintage ❤
❤ Ring - A gift from LuShae Jewelry ❤ Grey Tights - Primark ❤ Grey Suede Shoes - New Look ❤

I tried some fancy rolls with my hair. If there’s ever anything you’d like to see a video tutorial on then just ask in the comments! I’m never sure which ones are worth showing how to do and which aren’t.

I went for a light romantic make up look, to go with the peachy tones of the dress, following this tutorial I posted before Valentines Day.

The ring was one of those “gifts” I discussed in my post on the ethics of blogging. It’s from LuShae Jewellery. I actually struggled to find anything much I liked on the site as a lot of it isn’t to my taste. It is very pretty, just not necessarily my style. This ring, however, I instantly fell in love with as I’ve had my eye on a similar oversized pearl cocktail ring from Lulu Guinness for over a year! It’s fractionally too big, as I had trouble working out the US ring sizes, but it’s got a lot of comments when I’ve worn it. I must add that the site also sell promise rings, at the time I had no idea what they were and assumed they were like engagement rings. It seems they are actually something to do with all this weird virginity cult stuff that happens mostly in the US (as seen on Glee, I guess!) which may have put me off a bit if I’d known as I just find the whole thing a bit weird. Sorry!