This is when I fell in love with Drew Barrymore.

It was the 90s. I was a teenager, she was 4 or 5 years older than me and the rock n roll Princess of grunge glamour. With visible roots, risque outfits, bright red lips and a hell of an attitude. I wanted to *be* her. Occasionally people used to tell me I looked like her. I didn’t, I just had bleached blonde hair and a similar face shape, but it made me happy anyway.

As she’s grown up, her style has grown up too, but she still retains that playful attitude that made me love her 15 years ago.

Just recently her red carpet style has been channeling every decade from the 20s through to the 80s. But she always looks like she’s just having the best fun playing dress up.

I never get the feeling Drew Barrymore is aiming for a best dressed list. She doesn’t care about “fashion forward”, “classic elegance” or “retro glamour”. She almost looks like she’s playing fancy dress, that she picked on a “look” and then just went for it.

Off the red carpet is a different matter. That’s where we see grunge Drew, and the 90s grungey teenager with bleach blonde hair and the T Shirt with the huge daisy that still lives in my head loves that too.

Stuff age appropriate dressing, Drew Barrymore is the fashion rebel that says it’s OK to wear pink heart shaped sunglasses at 35. It’s OK to occasionally still just wear the first thing that you find on the floor when you wake up, and it’s definitely OK to enjoy dressing up.

With Drew Barrymore as a style icon I can have a wardrobe full of comfy jeans that I won’t get rid of, channel Audrey Hepburn one day and Debbie Harry the next, dye my hair crazy colours and wear killer sunglasses.

Not that I probably wasn’t going to do that anyway….