Believe it or not I’m not off to plough fields and plant potatoes.

I’m merely popping out to the pub for a quick drink.

I rarely wear trousers, but I found these gorgeous, high waisted, check wool Hobbs trousers and really felt the urge to build an outfit around them. I actually think they’ll probably be a bit more flattering when I’ve lost a few of the pounds I’m still hanging onto after Christmas/Burns Night/Valentines Day/Insert excuse here but more on that whole kerfuffle another time maybe!

❤ Scarf (around head) - vintage ❤ Batwing jumper - Topshop ❤ Wool Trousers - Hobbs via a Charity Shop ❤
❤ Lace Up Brogue Shoes - New Look ❤ Brown Leather Handbag - Vintage ❤

The jumper I haven’t worn for years. I know nude is a huge trend now, but I just can’t get past the feeling that I look a bit like I’ve gone out without a top on, so I’m not sure it’ll go back into regular wear. I’m being pretty negative about this outfit, but I actually quite like the look. It feels nicely understated, simple and comfortable, but still smart.

I quite like the landgirls vibe too. Can you spot the one who isn’t really pulling her weight?