This weekend, whilst on my wanderings, I popped into an exhibition / sale / workshop of weaving and ethically produced clothing. Then I popped straight back out again. There is also an ethical clothing boutique in my town, but I’ve never been in there, for the same reason I popped straight back out of the exhibition. The window displays of the boutique, and the clothing I found in the exhibition were shapeless, lumpy, and appeared to be made of hessian sacks. I can envisage middle aged, middle class hippies with long grey hair and Birkenstock sandals shopping there with glee, but personally, I like my clothes pretty, not just ethical.

This is why I have fallen in love with Tammam. Featured as part of Estethica exhibition at London Fashion Week Tammam describe themselves as “a fashion house with old fashioned ideas working for the modern independent stylish woman.”

Their website is gorgeously retro with Art Deco Fonts and a real 1930s vibe that carries through to their stunning photographs of their Pret A Porter collection.


Items from their SS09 collection I am lusting after include this stylish organic cotton Mac

And this beautiful cotton satin top with vintage button fastening at the back is a perfect summer piece; subtly sexy and stylish.


I’m also very fond of a good dress and this deer and dog print is effortlessly elegant with such a cute print.


Tammam is available online and whilst it’s pricy, it’s not out of the reach of mere mortals, especially as some pieces are on sale at the moment, and the styles are so classic and versatile that I can see them being wardrobe staples.