T shirt – Ebay
Trench Coat – Vintage
Jeans – So old I forget
Skull Print Peep Toes – Ebay
Bag – Topshop
Slightly Awkward Grin – All my own


Today it is raining, and windy and cold and miserable, but at the weekend it felt Springy enough that a trip to the pub could be done in my still favourite skull print peep toe shoes and cropped jeans.  The nights are pretty nippy though, so I still needed my spring coat which is a bright purple/burgundy statement vintage trench coat which covers enough for warmth, but is lightweight enough for variable spring weather.

I have to say that it’s also particularly nice to be able to walk into town for an early evening drink in the daylight. Dark evenings are terribly depressing once there aren’t any Christmas lights to cheer them up.

I had a pretty successful weekend overall. Saturday was spent trawling Charity Shops where I purchased, among other things, a book for my Grandad about the sinking of the SMS Scharnhorst in the second world war as he was on the HMS Belfast, one of the Royal Navy Ships involved in the battle. You can call that your history lesson for the day.

On Sunday it was a Boot Fair where we acquired this cute vintage blanket box for £10. When we opened it up there was a 70s sewing box on legs inside, which was a pleasant surprise! It needs a bit of tidying up but will make a great jewellery box once I finally get around to it!