Yesterday I took a lovely Autumnal afternoon walk.

Outside it’s still really warm when the sun shines and really, erm, “crisp” (read “bloody freezing”) when it doesn’t. It was Sunday, so boring old jeans and T Shirt were in order.


The T Shirt is a Rainbow Brite T Shirt, which makes me happy, even though it’s pink, which doesn’t really. And it’s the original Rainbow Brite, not the evil new version which should be immediately banned. Maybe I’ll start some kind of protest.


Will you join me? Or am I, as I suspect, the only person who cares about the reinvention of a 1984 cartoon character?

Cardigans and scarves are perfect when the weather’s like it is. Small enough to be stowed in a bag when the sun shines, but warm enough to fend off the chill when it goes in again 5 minutes later. The scarf is the one I made myself. Still loving it!

I am confined to glasses at the moment as I am too disorganised to remember to renew my contact lens checks every 3 years, and I’m not very happy about it. Still, a stop off at the Garden Centre to play in the “sheds” helpes cheer me up every time.


The other important thing I did on this walk is go home with my pockets full of Conkers. Someone once told me they keep Spiders away. Since then I have made it my aim to fill my house with as many as possible. I may start wearing them as jewellery.


I do want to thank everyone who voted for me in the Independent Fashion Bloggers Dress Up! Competition. I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m a winner!

This may be a very boring post for you, but it was a lovely Sunday for me. It also included cheese and chive scones and beef stew. It just doesn’t get much more autumnal than that.