Paperself, my favourite place for random eye decorations, have a new design of eyelashes out!

I first tried them out last year and totally fell in love. I’d seen papercut lashes before but never really thought of them as practical, or something I could make work. They seemed sort of extreme, and while I’m not exactly a fashion shrinking violet, sometimes you need to know when things are meant for trendy youngsters, and not, er, me.

Then I tried them out and immediately became a fan, and I don’t care about the person who said I looked like a butterfly had got caught in my eyelashes. So ner.

The new design is called Merry Go Round and is inspired by a vintage carousel. Paperself sent me a set to try out.

IMG_9000 IMG_9007

I like to snip pieces off and wear them on the corners of my eyes as an accent. The paper cutting is beautiful and they’re so light you barely know you’re wearing them.

If you’re careful removing them and don’t tear them then the lashes can be reused, and if you use them as accents you actually get about 4 different designs out of each strip. These ones have hot air balloons. rocking horses, umbrellas and carousels as the cut outs, as well as little, erm, swirly bits I guess, that separate them out.


I tried these out as a full strip, just because I was curious how they looked and felt. As a full strip they were slightly fiddly to get on properly, being so light and flexible they ping about a bit, but I used tweezers and managed to get them pretty close to my lashes! My advice is to put black eyeliner on first and it will cover up any gaps between your lashes and the paper ones, but I recommend that with regular false lashes too!

As a full strip they’re a bit much for me, but they do look amazing and are still really light to wear, though being so long I could feel them on brow bone.


Honestly, I’m unlikely to wear these as a full strip unless it was part of a costume or something. It’s a little too full on a look for me. But snipped down into sections they make a cute accent at the outer corners and are pretty good value as you get so¬† many designs out of them.

With this sort of design I’d probably stick with the top lashes as upside down horses would just be weird, though I could combine them with my other set on the lower corners.


What do you think? Would you stick carousel horses on your eyes?