Today I’ve tried to save you from yet more photos of me in front of my fireplace.

Roll on summer when I can go and find an interesting variety of places to prance around outside in daylight when I want to show off my frock before I go out for the evening.

Initially I did take photos in front of my fireplace before I went out, but we went for Cocktails in the lounge at St Giles Hotel in Norwich and they had such a pretty fireplace that I thought it’d be nice to have a photo in front of a whole new fireplace. Unfortunately that means this photo is taken on my iPhone, and therefore not the best quality, but that’s the pay off for not having to look at yet another photo of me in my living room. I really need to buy a more glamorous camera bag so I can take my fancy camera out without ruining my outfit!

Red Dress

♥ Dress- The Pretty Dress Company ♥ Shoes – Faith ♥ Necklace – Short & Girly  ♥

The dress was the one I mentioned in last weeks post. I fell in love with The Pretty Dress Company at a press day years ago and recently they actually got in touch out of the blue and offered to send me a dress to review. I already knew they were amazing dresses, but I was so pleased with how this looked on. The skirt has just the right stiffness to swish ratio, and that’s definitely a thing that all dresses should be rated on. The top is low cut, but it wasn’t loose and baggy so I didn’t feel like I was about to flash anyone and I felt totally amazing in it as its made of that thick stretch material that holds you in all the right places while still leaving enough room to breath.

I teamed it with a POW necklace from Short & Girly that I bought at a Roller Derby bout recently, my darkest red Besame Cherry Red lipstick and I even dug out a pair of patent concealed platform stilettos that I haven’t worn for ages. I’d totally forgotten how much I loved wearing them. I sense I might be revisiting my stiletto collection and giving them a few more outings.

necklace shoes

I was going out for cocktails at St Giles House and dinner at Loch Fyne, which is a lot more sophisticated than most of my Friday nights, so it seemed like a good opportunity to get a little glam.

cocktails IMG_0919

Whilst it was the perfect outfit for sipping a sidecar in a hotel lounge, I was a bit concerned while pulling prawns to pieces that I was going to cover posh dry clean only dress in fish juice, but I managed to escape unscathed, meaning I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing it again soon!