I woke up this morning and there was beautiful sunshine streaming through my curtains. “Oooh”, thought I, “I shall go for a run, but first I’ll just get this done”, and then I had a look at something else, and then I made myself a Lemsip because actually they’re really helping, not by getting rid of the cough, but by helping me cough MORE and avoiding that feeling that half of my lungs have been taken over by a protest camp of phlegm that will not be moved.

And then it was 11:30 and it was looking pretty grey and damp, which serves me right for procrastinating instead of leaping out bed and going for a run first thing like I meant. Still, the wonders of self employment mean I can go for an 11:30 run if I want to. So I did.

I seriously considered using the treadmill in the gym, and maybe some of the other machines, but my word that’s boring, so I didn’t, I went outside for a little run next to a main road in Walsall, how exciting.

IMG_6039Just for the record, I hate running in glasses. But during Janathon I am obliged to have a couple of my contact lens free days that I have every month, and therefore I have to exercise in them as I hate running WITHOUT glasses even more. It’s like running through fog and people suddenly leap out of nowhere into your path and you can’t see if anything interesting is happening on the other side of the road. It rarely is, but if it was, I would like to see it.

So I ran out for 0.8 of a mile, along a nice flat road, with my glasses bouncing and slipping on my sweaty nose, then I ran back again, along a road that managed to mysteriously be all uphill on the way back, despite being the exact same nice flat road I ran out on.

CaptureThe road I ran by was pretty busy, so I couldn’t hear the helpful Nike+ lady announcing my pace, I was taking it pretty easy, because to be honest this stupid cold/cough chest thing is worrying me a little and I don’t want to push it excessively (don’t worry Mum, I have inhalers and am going back to the Doctors at the end of the month, it’s only a cold, it will pass eventually) so I was actually pretty pleased with the pace at the end.


Then I got back and decided to also do 20 minutes of Yoga using an new app I’ve downloaded called Sworkit. It calls itself a circuit training app, and honestly I think it’ll probably be better for a circuit than for Yoga. I tried the Yoga for Runners section and it just repeated the same 7 poses on each side over and over. Mountain Pose, Forward Fold, Forward Lunge, Warrior II, Triangle, Child Pose and whatever that one where you bend over your out stretched leg is called. After 10 minutes I added a few of my own poses in as I am a rebel.

What I did discover is that if there is one thing I hate doing in glasses more than running, it’s yoga. They literally ended up hanging off one ear as I came up from triangle pose. Pfft.

And that, dear readers, was Day 13. Now leave me to my Quinoa and Bulghar Wheat lunch washed down with a Lemsip chaser.